Dear readers, Are you a beginner?  Curious to know about how to create a Wikipedia article. This article would give you tips and tricks before you dive into this in detail. Hope it would be informative.  Happy reading!!!

1. Create an account using an individual name and email ID. Don’t use the company’s name for
USER NAME, Wikipedia suggests you to have your nickname for login USER NAME.

2. Once you create an account, start with small edits on other existing articles. You could do
punctuations, verbose and spell checks to start with your contribution.

3. Every change you make on Wikipedia is recorded on our user page, which anyone can access —
anyone is Wikipedia editors and other users. With enough editing and creating activity under your
belt, you can become an “auto-confirmed user.” This gives you permission to perform certain
restricted functions, such as uploading images and moving pages to the public space.

4. You can’t simply write a Wikipedia page based on our experience or biography. We need
third-party sources such as printed material (books and magazines) and online material such as
websites, articles, or video to substantiate the information you provide.

5. You need to be patient and consistent in your contribution to Wikipedia till you become an
auto-confirmed user.

6. Meanwhile you can start working on your article and create references to substantiate it.

7. An article about yourself isn't a good idea. If you want to get your biography published in
Wikipedia, better have someone else to post your biography.

8. Self-promotion is against Wikipedia. If we do self promotion, we are likely to be blocked or banned
from editing Wikipedia.

9.  If you want to publish on some random topics, the best way to choose a topic is to search for it on
Wikipedia for its availability. The chance of acceptance by Wikipedia is high if the topics are not
available provided you supported with reliable references.

10. Start with very simple article hence it will be easy for you to get references to substantiate it and
the probability of getting published is more.

11. If you don’t have any idea on how to go with a structure of your article or biography, you could
 refer to existing articles, biographies in Wikipedia.

12. You can’t just submit your article in a text format. It needs certain format with a special character
to submit your article to get a structure( heading, sub-heading, links, font style etc.) as you see in Wikipedia.

13. Take few existing templates by clicking the EDIT button on the existing article/biography. Simply
fit your article/biography into the template. This is the difficult part. If you're patient enough to
do this, you can make it.

14.  “Sandbox”, a page on Wikipedia to create, edits, preview and submit your article.

15. Once you are done with the final cut of your article, click "save page" to publish your article
from the sandbox.

16. Within a week or two,  you will see the status of your article on the “Talk” page where the  reason
for rejection, suggestions to get your article publish are shared by the wiki reviewer.

Watch this video by Howcast.
Hope this article has given you an overview about how to create a Wikipedia article. Please feel free to share your comments and get in touch with me for any assistance.

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